This is sister3's entrie for week 25 of Tara's gallery at Sticky Fingers.

The theme this week was " One day in August"

So, on Sunday, August 29 she wanted us to take a photo. Of anything, doesn't matter, you just had to take it on that day.

Let's face it : after Sunday, there's always a Monday !

Claude François, if you hear me...

"le lundi au soleil, c'est une chose qu'on n'aura jamais! Chaque fois c'est pareil, c'est quand on est derrière les carreaux, que l'on travaille que le ciel est beau..."

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@jencull (jen) said...

Great idea, like your interpretation:) Jen

LinzW1976 said...

Brilliant! *running to get a book on French to English translation* ...


Mirka said...

Very clever ;)

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